GCB Computers is open Tuesday through Saturday at 1155 N Main Street (Suite 4) in Layton

GCB Computers is a family owned computer refurbisher. Our Layton store and showroom may be new, but we have been doing business in Layton for almost a decade. Our goal is to build and sell computers with reasonable margins, allowing us to pass our savings onto our customers.


At GCB Computers, we specialize in refurbished, previously owned devices. For this reason, we DO NOT offer online sales and we DO NOT SHIP to anywhere. Every computer must be picked up from our store. Why? We do not sell new computers that come carefully packaged in name-branded boxes. This is a USED computer. We want you to test drive your computer before you buy it. Turn it on. Get up close and personal with your computer, minor blemishes and all. When you decide to buy this computer, you will know exactly what you’re getting. And this way, everyone knows that the computer works as advertised before it leaves the shop.

Parts & Accessories

We stock a wide range of computer parts and accessories, from CPUs and Graphics cards to keyboards and mice.


For more information about servers (configurations, parts, etc.) visit our listing on the KSL Marketplace.